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870 High St Ste 17, Worthington OH

2323 Lake Club Dr Ste 206, Columbus OH

(614) 259-7188

We help our patients get healthy through acupuncture and holistic approaches

while avoiding unnecessary drugs and surgeries.

We strive to provide affordable and sustainable treatments with measurable results.

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What Our Patients Say


Wow! They have worked wonders with my back and weight loss! I feel great. The best thing about Buckeye Acupuncture is that they really care. The follow up, they work with you on stretching, and so much more. They seem more like a partner in my health journey and that is rare!   -SW


After experiencing acupuncture over 30 years, I can say that Dr. Hong is the best. He is clearly a master practitioner along with being kind , respectful and caring! Run don’t walk to Buckeye Acupuncture.   -MB


I wish I opted for acupuncture treatment years ago! I have suffered from lower back pains since 2004 and have underwent PT and took medications; and still suffered extreme pain. Dr. Hong and Vickie are absolute experts in what they do! I have been a patient since January 2021 and since day one, I experienced much relief (pain free and restful nights sleep). Not only do they ensure you understand the procedure and are comfortable, they are also very patient in explaining the techniques and benefits. I am a patient for life!!!   -SC